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Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı

Learning and Decision Science

Advertiser, brand consultant, academician and writer Uğur Batı is the author of 14 books, some are best sellers. He also works as a columnist in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek, Brand Map, Graphic Design and Milliyet.com.tr. The Language of Advertising, Brand Management, Personality Analysis with Enneagram, Take Care, Digital Games, Consumer Behaviors, I Don't Know My Brain Knows and Sinaps, novel of Uğur Batı's Azraa-eel Menkıbeleri, Darkness of Love, Dark Christmas Stories and Anatolia. Uğur Bati, who also has story books under the names of Horror Oyku, is among the best-selling authors with these books in the fields of brand, advertising, decision science and neuroscience. The world's first necropolitical book with The New York Times, The Times, which carried out interviews in international newspapers such as Ugur Batı is engaged in laboratory research scholar positions at leading neuromarketing field in Turkey. Batı, who also served as the Vice President of the Association of Advertising Creators, is an award-winning advertiser. After completing his undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University, he completed his doctorate at Marmara University and completed his PhD at Marmara University after 3 graduate degrees at Marmara University and Yeditepe University. Batı, an award-winning advertiser who wrote ads and developed strategies for many national and international brands in his professional career, has served as the Vice President of the Association of Advertising Creators for many years. He worked as a brand expert in corporate and corporate communications for 4 years by managing the brand expertise in companies such as Telsim, Rumeli Telekom, creative directing in Godeistanbul, and finally the transition from Istanbul Stock Exchange to Borsa İstanbul. Currently, he teaches at Okan University, Kültür University and Üsküdar University and provides brand consultancy. Currently serving as a consultant for many national and international brands, Batı has been a European Union Projects Manager and a World Bank Projects Manager. Istanbul Stock Exchange Sustainability Index in the body, such as the Corporate Governance Index and Sunday have taken a role in establishment of private units. Ugur Batı, gave more than 1000 presentations in Turkey and internationationally. He has participated in many international universities and conferences as an educator and keynote speaker and has been making programs on TVs such as CNN Türk, Star TV, Habertürk TV, Bloomberg TV, NTV and Haberglobal over the years.