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Serkan Yürekli


He was born on 31 December 1981 in Austria. He received his undergraduate education at the Istanbul Technical University Machine Faculty. Serkan Yürekli has been operating Intelligence games since 2005 in the area. He is the editor or editorial director of many puzzles in Turkey He created nearly 135 types of intelligence games for the world intelligence games literature Of these games, Tapa - the most famous game he invented - Serkan, been invited by The Guardian magazine as a guest. Serkan represented Turkey at the WorldBrain Games and World Championships as a member of the Turkish Brain Team He is a Committee Member of the Federation of Intelligence Games. He was the author and editor of more than 40 intelligence games books published in Turkey and abroad. Serkan Yürekli, who is also the editor of the American Grandmaster Puzzles Publishing House, published as an e-book. He is also the author and editor of dozens of books. Held throughout Turkey, from different age levels and participate in classes where students from more than 50 He worked as the content creator and coordinator of the intelligence games competition. In addition, it is designed for students in the 11-16 age group and He is the architect and practitioner of the Turkish Brain Team Athlete's Training Program. He was the trainer of 5 athletes who are Turkey champions, and attended world champions under the age of 18. With the Turkish Brain Team, in order to develop the intellectual skills of children in the 5-12 age group, teachers he managed “Intelligence Games-Based Cognitive Development Program” project which is prepared with academicians. In 2012, he was one of the project managers, intelligence designers and content designers in TBT, in the creation of the Elective Intelligence Games Curriculum with the MEB Board of Education. In addition, he took part as a formator in the actual training of more than 1000 teachers for this course. He is the founder of PAKO Publications and PAKO GARAGE.