Our Speakers

Emre Allettin Keskin


Emre is an educator who seeks to reveal the skill of imagining which is inherent in every child without exception. His educational career which he happened to start in the field of fine arts in Van, now continues in Istanbul. He developed the “Ask, Discover, Produce” approach which is focused on children, curiousity and needs by taking childrens’ keenness, questioning and skills into account. This system consists of elements such as “Question and Curiosity Library”, “Story-based Learning”, “Assembly of Can Do It”, and “Learning Through Production”. “Imagination Center” is the name he gave to the environment which is shaped by the Ask, Discover, Produce system. Since 2016 Emre has been organizing trainer trainings across Turkey in cooperation with the Central Imagination Community, which consists of volunteer trainers and experts. Together they worked with thousands of children between the age of 3-18, hundreds of university students and adults. The Imagination Center can be defined as a space which is not a school but a place of learning and new generation socialising which creates a modern educational environment where individuals can freely express their differences. The Imagination Center is a child and educator movement. The Imagination Center is a social initiative that takes the individual differences of children, adults and communities into account, enables them to realize their potential, designs a curiosity-oriented system, experience and learning.